Neckle was founded by Andrew Okello in 2013 with a specific goal: to create a high-quality video production company, that offers excellence for value. Neckle Video Production comprises a core team of three people, working with a wide range of high profile clients. Our determination has never been stronger – we are one of the emerging providers of video content in the UK.


We have come a long way and it’s been an incredible journey. From 2013, starting as a solo project, with limited equipment – to 2018 with experience, crew and professional contacts, enabling us to acquire specialist equipment to produce professional-grade video for clients nationwide.


We have evolved into a full-service video production company, an end-to-end solution. Our process is comprehensive. We put strong emphasis on studying what your project entails and make sure that we iron out every technical details.


Our director and producer is a highly experienced professional, who has actively worked with Bailey Studio, Warner Music, Plan B, Kate Moss Modelling Agency & London Rocks Jewellery.


Our camera equipment provides native 4K and full HD acquisition which we incorporate into a work-flow that includes thousands of pounds worth of industry-leading post-production software.


Our Central London locating means we can work quickly and effectively with organisations in the City of London. We are proud of the high proportion of repeat business we receive across all industry sectors.


Our Mission is to; -

  • Offer excellent value high-end video production for cutting edge innovation,
  • Combine creative flair, high-end production values to deliver beautiful, compelling video content,
  • Exceed your expectations in every area of your video production,
  • Facilitate maximum exposure for your project across appropriate platforms such as websites and social media.

Our Team



Andrew Okello


Michael FADIL


They say good things come in small packages. We might be a small video production company, but we’re adaptable, personal and effective. You will get our time, attention and passion in each and every video production, no matter how ambitious or minimal. We embrace any challenge and we always aim to take your expectations and exceed them.


Our core team of video producers are a mix of talent from all areas of media production, directing, writing, acting and broadcasting who are united by a shared belief: to craft digital video productions that stand out and are engaging.


We are supported by a specially selected network of freelancers, which means we can assign our crew to our client’s needs on an individual basis. This ensures we continue to pull in the best talent for each job and allows us to keep our overheads low and our fees competitive.


At Neckle Video Production, you are guaranteed transparency; a clear specification and all-inclusive price from the start, the opportunity for feedback at key production stages, an agreed deadline for project completion, expert technical assistance and a digital marketing advice to maximise your video content exposure.

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